My father is a 68 year old diabetic and hypertensive, A known case High grade bladder cancer who had undergone cystoscopy and removal of very large bladder tumor 2 yrs ago by dr Bhagat and he recovered fully without any complications. Based on cystoscopy findings and biopsy reports father was advised removal of urinary bladder (Radical Cystoprostatectomy with neo bladder). Initially my dad refused surgery and then we could not go follow up for 2 years due to COVID pandemic. Then father developed bleeding while urinating and vomiting tendency with some swelling in the legs also. Then we consulted Dr Bhagat after all tests we came to now that both kidneys were swollen and right kidney not functioning due to tumor. Creatinine was very high then Dr Bhagat put small tube in the left kidney then Creatinine came down to 1.5 mg%. PET CT showed no spread outside the bladder. he underwent Laparoscopic removal of right kidney and Ureter and radical cystoprostatectomy with bilateral extended pelvic lymph node dissection with cutaneous ureterostomy. Intra-operative and post operative periods were uneventful. Patient was discharged on 7th day in satisfactory condition with creatinine of 1.5 mg%. Dr Bhagat saved my father, now he he doing well. Dr explained me and my father all the complications and outcome in details he answered all my queries very patiently. Thanks to Dr Bhagat for such a big surgery that too without any problem.


Dr. Suresh K Bhagat, one of the best urologist and laparoscopic surgeon in Mumbai, provides treatment for all kinds of kidney related diseases. He is an expert in treating kidney stone, bladder stone, urological (Kidney, Bladder, Prostate) cancer, pediatric urology, Kidney Transplant and so on. He specializes in Complex Endourology, Laparoscopy Urology, Uro-oncology with primary focus on stone disease, Uro-Oncology and Kidney Transplant . One of the best urologist in Mumbai

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My father was suffering from urine problem. Our family doctor suggest us about Dr.suresh bhagat he explained us everything very nicely One of the best urologist in mumbai Excellent service...Highly recommend We are satisfied with diagnosis and Treatment advice. He's very good doctor.

neha shinde

My friend developed stricture of urethra after fracture of pelvic and thigh bone after an accident in the factory. He was on catheter inserted directly through the lower abdomenfor more than 3 months because catheter could not be passed through natural urine passage due to very complex urethral stricture . He was advised to undergo complex urethroplasty surgery. My friend consulted many hospitals but did not get satisfactory answer about the surgery and its success rate. Then I consulted Dr Suresh K Bhagat one of the Best urologist Doctor in mumbai, along with my friend, who listened to my friend’s problem very patiently. Dr Bhagat examined my friend thoroughly. He explained and counselled about the problem in detail and advised surgery and its high success rate (95%) along with some complications of such surgery. I was convinced with Dr Bhagat’s advice. My friend underwent complex urethroplasty surgery. Now he is passing urine through natural passage and enjoying his life and is back to work now. I honestly recommend everyone Dr Bhagat for any urological problems and being the Best Urologist Surgeon in Mumbai, India.Truly excellent expert surgeon abide by ethics.

vrushali pawar

My father was suffering from chronic kidney disease due to which he lost all his will power.We had to take him for dialysis twice a week at fortis hospital amritsar.There we met Dr.Suresh kumar Bhagat,who was saviour for our family,he did renal transplant of my father , my mother was donor in our case.It is not wrong to say that god still exists ,Dr Bhagat gave us so much positivity, he is still in our contact through phone calls ,messages. He is the best renal transplant surgeon in the world.I would recommend him to other patients as well. Sir thanks a lot for everything,we owe you what not🙏🏻🙏🏻

Palak Bhardwaj

One stop solution for all kidney related medical problems. Best urologist specialist doctor in mulund, at fortis hospital mumbai


Best URO doctor in mulund !! Fantastic experience .. best so far for laser kidney stone removal & kidney stone treatment in mulund & for all urological problems.

ganesh j

Good doctor and best urologist in kidney stone and prostate cancer in Mumbai

nishi sharma

Best urologist doctor in Mumbai and well spoken person and staff

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Sarvesh Karmakar

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